20 February 2005
Subject: Hiclone & Hyperflow
1997 Land Rover Discovery 300TDi

"...but since fitting the 2 Hiclones and the Hyperflow air filter, my Disco has a new lease of life. More power across the range means that I can now overtake other vehicles and cruise effortlessly up the motorway. A slight improvement in mpg of about 5% is also very welcome..."

10 January 2005
Subject: Hyperflow
Granada Scorpio Ultra 2.5D

"...Drives a lot better - better pick up - more power..."

14 September 2004
Subject: Hiclone
1992 5dr Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5tdi exceed

"After fitting the Hiclones, I left for France from the UK. Straight away ther was a noticeable improvement, the revs peaked that much quicker - giving the 2.5 engine that bit more power delivery. I have also seen a small improvement with the increase in mpg" - Seymour Smith, Dournazac - France

04 April 2004
Subject: Hiclone
1997 Landrover Discovery 300 TDI

"I tried some truck overtaking, some high speed cruising and tested the top speed. Overtaking trucks was not an issue anymore. Motorway cruising was much more comfortable due to the noise reduction and the ease of keeping the motorway speed..."

01 April 2004
Subject: Hiclone
1998 Jeep Cherokee TDI
"Would I reconmend the Hiclone to other Jeep owners? I most certainly wold and have already convinced a couple of sceptical owners..."


hyperflow air filter

"Everybody knows if you remove an air filter from an engine it will run better in the short term" says Stuart Whitelock the Managing Director of Hiclone Europe Limited. "We have used this principal to design our new air filter, from lawn mowers to ship's engines, sufficient air flow is critical to the performance of all internal combustion engines, no matter their size or how they are fuelled, but there has to be a balance between improving air flow and debris removal.

For years we have been selling our Hiclone air swirling devices and are now recommending that our customers purchase Hyperflow performance air filters to go with Hiclone. Our patented Hyperflow air filter gives great results and is much cheaper than the competition" says Stuart.

Hiclone's new Hyperflow airfilter is completely different from any other filters on the market, as it is designed to work in conjunction with Hiclone. Hyperflow Replacement Air Filter are constructed by inserting a series of jets into the air filter which channel the flow and cause it to become turbulent. The turbulent flow is then fed into a Hiclone, which swirls it vigorously. The combined effect is improved combustion, power, torque, fuel consumption and less emissions. New modern filter materials are added to filter out the debris. The materials allow the use of inducted traffic film to adhere to the surfaces of the elements multi fibres, doing away with manual oiling. Another plus point is that the filter does not absorb moisture, which can restrict airflow as in some other filter types.

"We use a series of jets to enhance airflow and add modern materials to filter the dirt and debris" says Stuart. The filter material doesn't need to be oiled and can be easily cleaned by gently removing the filter and tapping it gently every 10 or 12,000 miles. Hyperflow is inexpensive and soon pays for itself in enhanced fuel consumption. It is currently only available for Land Rover engines but will soon be on the market for other 4wd vehicles.

Horness Spencer runs the Land Rover Discovery Club of Great Britain and has tried the filter. "I noticed the difference immediately when swapping from my K&N, I felt a big difference between the two" he said, "My 300 TDI Disco goes much better now, with a lot more power and torque; I am very impressed".

Hiclone offer a 30 day money back guarantee on the filter as they do with all their products. Hyperflow costs £38.75 inc VAT and Hiclone costs £58.71 inc VAT. Both products can now be purchased from the 'Hi-Deal' online store. Please visit: http://www.hi-deal.com

Stuart Whitelock – Hiclone Europe Limited.

June 2004
Test results on 4WD Petrol engines.

Several Hiclone customers have been carrying out trials to see if petrol engined 4WD vehicles benefit from fitting two Hiclones instead of one. We decided to trial 1.8 Litre EFI Petrol Freelander engines, 3.5L, 3.9L, 4.0L and 4.6L, V8 EFI, Land Rover Discovery and Range Rover engines, Cherokee and Grand Cherokee Jeep 4 L engines and Jeep Wrangler 4L engines.

The results of the trial have clearly shown that all these engines benefit from two Hiclones fitted instead of one and from now on we will be providing Hiclones in sets of two for these vehicles. The Hiclones should be dittoed in line so that the air spins from one into the other. The first Hiclone should be fitted in the normal place around 100mm in front of the manifold and the second one should be fitted six inches in front of the first one in the air induction hose.

The result of the trial show that one Hiclone makes a marginal difference in fuel consumption and performance on these engines but fitting two Hiclones in line makes a profound improvement in fuel consumption. Trialists all reported significant improvement in fuel consumption. quieter smoother engines and improved torque.

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